Supply Chain Integrated Services

Strategic Sourcing Services

We offer comprehensive support in managing an end to end sourcing for major categories in an asset intensive organization. This includes developing a category strategy, managing stakeholder relationship, managing the tendering process, bid evaluation, negotiation, and preparing award recommendations, contract execution and governance. As a part of this service offering customers will have access to our ADVANTAGE offerings, that will cut the sourcing cycle by 40-50% in major categories.

Buying & Cataloguing Services

This service will be supported by our experienced buyers from our offshore support center in India as an outsourced center of excellence in all your purchasing needs. We will have mutually agreed Service Level Agreements with our customers, who can manage the procurement transactions using a trusted partner like us.

We help strive efficiency through a well and effectively maintained priced catalogue that brings out value and efficiency in a procurement and materials management organization

Logistics Tracking Services

Integrated logistics tracking solution will create visibility and tracking across the network. It will update the last-mile delivery details that will enable near real-time visibility and optimized total cost logistics model of the goods in real time. Our Logistics Control Tower monitoring & tracking solution will deliver and end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Fleet Optimization Service

Fleet Management Systems provide complete visibility on the real time use of each equipment and fleet with operational/idling details drives efficiency of fleet operations. These systems involve collecting data from devices mounted on each vehicle, analyzing it and using the relevant information to reduce costs and increase efficiency and productivity, enhance training and service management- data collected on truck operation can be used to plan maintenance and training requirements based on the hours dedicated to certain tasks.

Master Data Management

Master data advisory and governance support center is an outsourced support center with 160 plus experienced data specialists that takes care of all your master data needs including material master, asset master, bill of materials, spare parts interchangeability records and recommendations to OEM equivalent replacement parts and vendor master depending on client requirements and vendor master.

Inventory & Planning Services

Our Inventory and Planning service brings a unique industry experience along with our partnership with a multi-echelon industry leading asset planning & inventory optimization solution using interdependent bill-of-material, distribution relationships, optimal replenishment quantity and safety stock parameters, demand planning, optimal service level and stocking policy for each item by location, intelligent parts substitution, improve bill of materials, enable Vendor Managed Inventory. Our clients have the option to commence our service based on a per transaction basis and as you mature the optimization have the option to purchase the tool or continue with our service model.

Capital Projects Material Visibility Service

Majority of materials management and procurement inefficiencies are a result of poor planning and visibility of equipment and spare parts bought on a major capital project. This service will allow our customers to seamlessly integrate between EPC companies, manufacturers, and operators which will give full visibility of materials from design, manufacturing, construction, commissioning and handover to operators, resulting in improved bill of material utilization and efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Investment Recovery Enablement Services

Utilizing our integrated platforms, our experienced investment recovery consultants will work closely with our customers to cleanse material master data, assess value of the assets and enable sale and investment recovery of assets through an integrated auction platform and utilize any network redeployment opportunities

Warehouse Design Services

This service will assist in preparing 3D/ 2D drawings of warehouses & yards, optimize warehouse and logistics networks & recommend the most optimal network design. It will help maximize space utilization, hence reducing holding cost. We offer this as a service to our clients and manage the entire project management whether it is a new warehouse, consolidation of existing warehouses or improving an existing warehouse. We utilize our most advanced 3D Laser scanning method in preparing an “as is” drawings and capable of delivering 3D models

Warehouse Operations Services

This service will support warehouse operations to drive efficiency in every transaction performed, including cross dock operations, repairs management, quality management, and logistics coordination, warehouse access control, security and organization based on 5S principles, along with our own repair, preservation and scheduling tool. If you are looking at ways to outsource you entire warehouse operations along with a complete automation and warehouse management system, we are here to help you achieve a complete outsourced service model.

Tubular Management & Tracking

Our tubular advisory services will help assess the maturity of tubular strategy, optimize process and drive standardization. Our proprietary end to end tracking solution will track and monitor every joints of pipe throughout the supply chain until the pipe goes downhole. We provide tracking as a service to our customers and provide near real time visibility that will ensure improved inventory accuracy, automate all pipe yard transactions including an automated physical inventory process, manage dual unit of measure. Our SMART integration will build and maintain well schematics of every wells along with a complete document management.

Warehouse Automation & Management Services

We offer a complete suite of warehouse management system that sits on top of any ERP systems, monitor and report analytical dashboard that will continuously drive improvements in, space utilization, resource utilization, fulfilment rate, service level and transactional efficiency. We have a full coverage of automation technologies including Radio Frequency Identification, Auto ID, Barcode and QR Code. We will help minimize your upfront major capital investment in tools and pay per transactions. This service can be availed independently on added our warehouse operations services.