Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain plays a vital role in every organization irrespective of the industry that you are in. Our experience reveals the fact that supply chain as a function has a long way to go to earn the credibility and trusted partnership with the stakeholders. We approach this function holistically by understanding the organizational competency, maturity, technology footprint, enabling lean processes across the function. This transition will require strong leadership commitment, change management mindset to deliver the desired sustainable results. Our team will establish a baseline using our proprietary assessment tool, identify improvement opportunities and help achieve functional excellence.

Category Management & Strategic Sourcing

We led several category management transformation efforts resulting in enterprise wide strategy and sustainable cost reduction. We have a library of cost models for materials and services that can be leveraged in facilitating a strategic sourcing process. Traditionally most people focus on the negotiation with suppliers as opposed to really understanding how the Category affects the business operations, both on the revenue and cost side of the profit equation. Our Category Strategy takes governance as an important enabler for every strategy. We ensure stakeholder buy-in and minimize risk during implementation with the appropriate stakeholder engagement & alignment from the beginning. Our practice will help our clients from the initiation phase, understanding market intelligence, preparing scope of work, RFP/ RFT process, sourcing evaluation, negotiation, contract execution and sustainability efforts through Advanced Supplier Relationships, where required.

Materials & Inventory Management

We bring in a unique set of experience with our operational experience that will help shape a strategic materials and inventory management function for our asset intensive clients. We focus on 3 core pillars – Compliance, Optimization & Excellence, and address opportunities within People, Process & Technology aspects. Our approach will drive materials and inventory excellence across the function. Our partnership with a leading inventory optimization analytical tool provider along with our industry experience allows us to offer a niche Inventory Optimization and Planning as a Service to our customers. Our customers have the flexibility to avail our service support and as we mature the optimization effort, have the option to purchase the tool or continue with the service model. We know the industry and what it takes to deliver the results.

Warehouse Management

We have strategically selected our technical and development team bringing you years of industry experience oriented towards warehouse management. Considering our experience in the industry, we’ve worked with teams in the warehousing industry to help them reach goals and improve their processes in order for them to achieve their maximum potential and success in providing their customers with impeccable service. Here we cover the full suite of outsourcing services including an outsourced warehouse operation through our experienced warehouse execution partner, seamlessly integrating all warehouse transactions through our integrated solution platform, warehouse automation using barcode, QR code and RRFID technologies and a warehouse management system designed for asset intensive industry offered as a service to our customers. We also specialize in warehouse design, network optimization and velocity zoning.

Logistics Management

We focus on effectively tracking material assets from supplier all the way to the end-user. Our team will assess the options to integrate a multi-modal logistics coordination and execution between multiple stakeholders with logistics tracking data, consolidated from multiple systems for delivering transportation cost control, business agility and reduced nonproductive time for our offshore and onshore assets, Gather data feed from various sources and providing real-time, proactive, contextual, actionable and intelligent alerts to improve the operational efficiencies and bringing cost optimization in operations. Our state-of-the-art service enables end-to-end last-mile delivery tracking, even for offshore operations involving multi-mode transportation and multi-party ecosystem.

Process Optimization & Excellence

Our process optimization and excellence offering, we will work to identify, analyze and improve an existing business processes within your organization and perform optimization to enable you to meet new standards of delivery excellence. We identify opportunities for efficiency and value gain through the implementation of a strategic improvement plan, using lean methodologies for process improvement and excellence. Once we help fix broken or nonvalue added processes, we help begin a journey of digitalization, automation and optimize a data driven operation.