Functional Training

Materials & Inventory

This module is designed for personals who seeks to build a career in strategically managing material assets including spare parts, equipments, bulk materials, commodities and consumables used in asset intensive industry. This module includes building analytical capabilities required for materials and inventory professionals

Topics include:

  • Strategic Materials Management
  • Inventory Basics & Materials Requirement Planning
  • Inventory Optimization, Stocking Levels, EOQ Calculations, ROP, Safety Stock, Service Levels
  • Criticality Analysis – Vital, Essential, Desirable(VED) Analysis
  • Manage Project Inventory, Spare parts Inventory, Chemicals, Catalyst, etc.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Coding, Catalogue, Standardized Nomenclature
  • Investment Recovery
  • Obsolete Inventory, Dead Stock, Excess Stock Management
  • Inventory Classification - Movement (FSN), ABC Analysis, Value (HML), Lead Time Analysis (SDE)
  • Manage Capital/ Insurance Spares
  • Managing Performance & KPIs

Warehousing & Logistics

This module is designed for warehousing and logistics professionals who seeks to excel in warehouse management, automation, operational excellence and logistics. We will train to be best in class in functional excellence for asset intensive industry

Topics include:

  • Warehouse 5S Principles, Warehouse Organization
  • Quality Management
  • Material Handling
  • Preservation & Repair Management
  • Physical Inventory/ Cycle Counting
  • Managing Write-on/ Write-off
  • Velocity Zoning
  • Logistics Tracking & Last Mile Management
  • Managing Performance & KPIs

Integrated Supply Chain Services

This module is designed to train our customers, service execution partners with detailed processes, tools along with best practices to utilize our integrated solution and services platform and efficiently manage and monitor supply chain transactions connecting leading supply chain solution partners with seasoned functional industry expertise to help deliver performance, functional excellence and sustainable results

Topics include:

  • Demand & Replenishment Planning
  • Inventory Optimization & Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Warehouse Operation, Fleet, Preservation & Repairs
  • Warehouse Automation & Warehouse Management System
  • Tubular Management & Tracking
  • Investment Recovery & Enablement Services
  • Logistics Management
  • Warehouse Design & Optimization